Family Testimonial

video testimonial of gratitude for Atmosphere of Love at Beacon Haven

We are pleased to share with you part of a message of gratitude from a daughter of a patient who was recently with our Christian Science nurses here at Beacon.  She has agreed to share this message with you and the other donors who help keep Christian Science nursing care ready and accessible in our community.

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My mom has been a devout Christian Scientist his entire life.  At a time when my mother had her own human needs to be met, our family is so incredibly grateful she has been able to find care at Beacon Haven.

The atmosphere of thought at Beacon Haven is so conducive to healing…everyone is on the same page with the goal of healing.  You can feel the joy and gratitude and most importantly love every time I walk through the door.  My mom’s human needs are always being met.

Mrs. Eddy once told a student that the best way to obtain instant healing ‘is to love, to be loved, and to live love.’ You have that instantaneous healing thought at Beacon Haven.  It is very substantive at Beacon Haven.

Our family is very grateful to you.  Thank you so much for being there for us.

Quick emergency response

“I was so grateful to one of the Beacon Haven Christian Science nurses when at 3:30 a.m. a family member needed an immediate admission to Beacon Haven. 

Our elderly relative was at a medical assisted living facility and an ambulance had been called and was at the door to take our family member to the hospital.  Even though they had written instructions to call Beacon Haven if there was a need.  When the need was made known, Beacon Haven dispatched the Visiting Christian Science nurse who immediately assisted our relative to the car and back to Beacon Haven.  Where she continues to thrive.”

October 2013 – Beacon Haven Christian Science Practitioner

Practical help available

“What a joy it was to have the Visiting Christian Science Nurse here those days when her quiet prayerful support and wise suggestions were made when I had need for such. I greatly value Mrs. Eddy’s Manual provision for the Christian Science nurse and to have a fine example of one ‘who thoroughly understood the practical wisdom necessary in a sick room’ being available in our neighborhood.”

June 2014 – Beacon Haven patient

Mobility restored

“With the aid of a visiting Christian Science nurse who came to my home when I found myself suddenly unable to use my left arm and side, or to think clearly, I decided to go to Beacon Haven.
“The moment I entered Beacon Haven I knew I would be healed.
“The love, support and encouragement of all the Christian Science nurses helped me focus completely on my true relation to God as His perfect image and likeness. I was healed.
“I am so grateful that Beacon Haven truly does ‘support proper care and an atmosphere expectant of healing.’”

September 2009 – Beacon Haven patient Linda Wright

Tender care given

“Thank you all for the loving care given to [my patient]. The tender attention given her needs, especially the nourishment aspect, was marvelous!

The expectation of healing and the overall atmosphere of Truth and Love were so helpful in combating general world belief and medical beliefs. The manual requirements and Christian Science nursing qualities were very much in evidence as various phases of error were handled expertly.”

December 2012 – Beacon Haven Christian Science Practitioner

A beautiful example

“My heart is filled with gratitude for the beautiful examples of Christian Science nursing you all provided for my [family member].  You gave her such loving attention and used such practical wisdom with her care that she was healed in short order. . . . Thank you all so much!”

July 2012 – Beacon Haven patient’s family member

A child thrives again

“A small lad of seven from Wisconsin, who comes from a home where there has been a serious financial struggle, was in great need of healing. . . The anxiety and deprivation in the home were constantly reflected on this one frail member of the family.
“By special arrangement . . . from members of the Christian Science Society where he attends Sunday School, the loving ministrations of the Sanatorium (Star of Bethlehem) were extended to him, and it would gladden your hearts to see how much light and joy has come into that wan little face, in a few weeks.” August 1931 – Star of Bethlehem

August 1931 – Star of Bethlehem
Miss Abigail Dyer Thompson, President
as written in the 1931 Annual Association Meeting Minutes, Star of Bethlehem

A mother and child find refuge

“I was called by my day care provider and told to pick up my four year old son because of their concern about his health,” a mother told the Christian Science nurse when she brought her son to Beacon Haven.
After spending a few hours at the facility with the Christian Science nurses, both the boy and his mother found their needs met by the services and atmosphere at Beacon Haven.
“A couple weeks later my son woke up with sniffles. When I came to him,” his mother said, “he told me,
‘I want to go to the healing place.’”
What a wonderful insight. No one had used this terminology with him.

Shared with a Beacon Haven Christian Science nurse by Jessica, mother of the 4-year-old boy