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Keeping the Promise of Christian Science Nursing Accessible for this Generation and the Next

Beacon Haven donors help sustain Christian Science nursing for everyone.

Every day of the year, Beacon Haven Christian Science nurses are here ready to provide proper care. To maintain this readiness, we rely upon generous donors to train and support a staff of Christian Science nurses, to keep the facility comfortable and warm, and to stock necessary supplies.

Providing access to Christian Science nursing for the current generation and the next has been a promise kept by Christian Scientists here in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest for more than a century.

Your gift to Beacon Haven makes a difference.

From all of us, thank you for your generous care.

Metaphysical support

Please share your prayerful support to recognize abundance.

“You were there to help me move when I couldn’t lift myself or walk, and cheered me on when I became mobile again.  I was transformed…thank you!

from a former patient at Beacon Haven

Volunteer support

Every year, volunteers provide hundreds of hours of service to help fulfill Beacon Haven’s mission to provide proper care and an atmosphere expectant of healing.

Decorating for each season and holiday, companionship and hospitality for visitors and guests, reception and administrative support at the front desk, yard work and landscaping, and so many more options are available for you to share your gifts and talents.

Whether you have an afternoon to share, or would like to commit to a regular role, please contact us to find out more at 651-379-0100.

How your financial gift will help

Every gift represents a love for the ministry of Christian Science nursing.

Many make gifts in gratitude for care given oneself or a loved one. Others make gifts in deep appreciation for how Beacon Haven supports the Church Manual Bylaw, “Christian Science Nurse” and Mary Baker Eddy’s desire for Christian Science nursing and trained nurses.

Generous donors to Beacon Haven, Clifton House, and Star of Bethlehem have been supporting an inspiring record of healing for nearly 100 years. Generous contributions from the Field have made possible the continued fulfillment of this ministry from one generation to the next.

Some of the reasons people donate to Beacon Haven include:

Making a gift today

Preparing a gift for later

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