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teamwork, group of women putting hands together“New” Christian Science Nurse Education

“Training local people to meet local needs”

Beacon Haven continues to support the sustainability of Mary Baker Eddy’s Manual by-law for the Christian Science nurse through education.  Introduction to Christian Science Nursing classes are designed to give the student an understanding of the skills necessary to help others in the role of a Christian Science nurse.

Basic Qualifications for applying

How to apply

Workshops for Churches

Beacon Haven Christian Science nurses are available to provide workshops on the following topics:

To schedule a workshop or receive more information about workshop topics and workshop options, please contact the Business Office at (651) 379-1000.

Youth Internship Opportunities

Paid summer program for high school and college students.  Understanding the role of a Christian Science nurse and learning how to apply spiritual concepts to practical tasks.  Interns assist staff in food service, housekeeping, laundry, and yard work.

How to Apply. 

Download the internship flyer and contact the business office at 651-379-0100.

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