Christian Science Nursing

A young hand touches and holds an old wrinkled handBeacon Haven offers a wide variety of skilled Christian Science nursing services to actively support healing through Christian Science.  All of our Christian Science nursing services are offered around-the-clock – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, all year long.

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Phone consultation with a Christian Science Nurse is available 24/7

Free Phone Consultation. Available every day, any time, this free service connects you with an experienced Journal-listed Christian Science nurse to answer questions and provide the inspiration and knowledge to meet your needs.

Christian Science Nursing – receiving care in our facility

Christian Science Nursing Care.  Christian Science nurses who have met the requirements for listing in The Christian Science Journal provide loving care in our facility 24 hours a day for you or for your loved one.

Different levels of care requiring experienced Christian Science nursing judgment are provided.  From urgent needs for physical care from a sudden, serious, physical challenge to cases requiring on-going physical help for most daily activities, including assistance with meals, bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility, and safety issues.

Most levels of care requiring a Christian Science nurse may be covered by Medicare if the individual receiving care qualifies for this federal benefit.  Some cases may also meet the requirements of private long-term care insurance policies.

Light Christian Science Nursing Care. Loving care by Christian Science nurses for those who just need a little assistance with physical care such as bathing and are not quite fully independent.  The Christian Science nurses are available to assist the individual with the last few physical care goals needed to return to independent living.

the appropriate levels of care are assessed at admission.

Outpatient Care.  Immediate, short-term nursing care for those who have a need such as bandaging that does not require an overnight stay.

Transitional Care (also known as Extended Rest & Study). This level of care is for the individual who has progressed to caring for themselves but is not yet ready to return home.  Individuals may utilize this care level as they transition from a large home to a smaller independent living facility, or from a higher level of care back into their home, always in an healing environment.

Rest and Study (for Spiritual Renewal). Rest and Study is an opportunity for spiritual growth – to experience a quiet place free from the distractions of everyday living for Christian Science study.   Whether for a few hours or a few days, accommodations are available for beautifully-decorated single or double rooms with private bath.  Guests may choose to add the option of having all meals provided.  A continental breakfast is always included.

During a Rest and Study visit, Christian Science nursing care is not standard; however, Christian Science nurses are always available should any need arise.

People staying in our Rest and Study have full access at any time to our wonderful library with bound volumes of past Christian Science literature, current periodicals, reference books, books about Christian Science and about Mary Baker Eddy, as well as computer concordances and periodical indexes.

Rest and Study (while a family member is in the facility).  Family members are able to use a Rest & Study room while a family member is receiving skilled Christian Science nursing care.

Rest and Study (a place for out of town guests).  Rest & Study rooms are a great place to stay while visiting the Twin Cities. We are conveniently located and the price is the “best deal in town.”

I just experienced a day filled with the love of everyone here!

– Patient, February 2014