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Family Testimonial

video testimonial of gratitude for Atmosphere of Love at Beacon Haven

We are pleased to share with you part of a message of gratitude from a daughter of a patient who was recently with our Christian Science nurses here at Beacon.  She has agreed to share this message with you and the other donors who help keep Christian Science nursing care ready and accessible in our community.

To watch the video testimonial, pleas click the link below or the image at the right .

My mom has been a devout Christian Scientist his entire life.  At a time when my mother had her own human needs to be met, our family is so incredibly grateful she has been able to find care at Beacon Haven.

The atmosphere of thought at Beacon Haven is so conducive to healing…everyone is on the same page with the goal of healing.  You can feel the joy and gratitude and most importantly love every time I walk through the door.  My mom’s human needs are always being met.

Mrs. Eddy once told a student that the best way to obtain instant healing ‘is to love, to be loved, and to live love.’ You have that instantaneous healing thought at Beacon Haven.  It is very substantive at Beacon Haven.

Our family is very grateful to you.  Thank you so much for being there for us.

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